Foto Album- Hochzeit

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Surprise someone with this gorgeous wedding explosion box as a unique, homemade gift!
There is a lot of love in this explosion box! It is an enchanting, unique gift and a beautiful proof of love. Fill them with lots of photos, sweet words and love poems, rose petals, sugar hearts or other little attentions!

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It looks like a pretty box, but in reality it’s an 11.7x 11.8x cm scrapbook album: As soon as you take off the lid, the sides of the adorable little album unfold like magic and suddenly a second explosion box appears.
If you remove the lid of the second Explosion Box, a third mini box will appear, and here you can store a small gift.
In total, the album consists of four layers that offer space for 64 beautiful photos or decorations. To close the box, you simply have to pull the corners up and put the lid back on.

A wonderfully romantic, unique gift!

The Explosion Box is perfect for Valentine’s Day as a wedding gift or as a small attention in between.

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Größe115 × 115 × 115 cm